Rose McGowan Accuses Alyssa Milano Of 'Appalling Behavior' On 'Charmed' Set

Caroline Howley

Rose McGowan accused her former Charmed co-star Alyssa Milano of "appalling behavior on the daily" during their time on the hit show amid a Twitter feud that was sparked by their differing political opinions.

"You threw a fit in front of the crew, yelling, 'They don't pay me enough to do this sh*t!' Appalling behavior on the daily. I cried every time we got renewed because you made that set toxic AF. Now, get off my coattails you f*cking fraud," tweeted McGowan on Saturday.

In the scathing attack, the activist also accused Milano of stealing the Me Too movement — the anti-sexual abuse campaign of which McGowan was a leader — due to jealousy.

"You co-opted my movement, the Cultural Reset, for fame, jealous of me for outing my rapist. You made 250k per week on Charmed," she tweeted.

The explosive tweets occurred after McGowan slammed the Democrats for achieving "nothing" after the final night of the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Milano then posted a long list of things the Democratic Party had done "to make the world a better place" to the social media platform.

Milano also tweeted a direct attack on McGowan's political stance, claiming her "lies" would hurt people "less privileged" than herself.

"It's the kind of thing an ACTUAL fraud would do. Thousands of people are dying a day but you go on with your hyperbolic attention-seeking tweets," she wrote.

In response to McGowan's tweets, Milano also told Us Weekly that "hurt people hurt people." She refused to comment any further, and said that doing so would not align with her "wellness plan."

Milano later suggested that her fans should boost the hashtag #AlyssaMilanoIsALie so it would trend on Twitter. As the publication noted, this hashtag is a reference to a former attack on Milano by McGowan, when the Black Dahlia star called her onscreen sister "a lie" and said her participation in the Time's Up movement was not genuine.

According to The Inquisitr, McGowan described Joe Biden and the democrats as "monsters" in the wake of the DNC and blamed the party for Donald Trump's presidency. The news source reported that McGowan had previously made it clear she was not a Trump supporter, and some followers accused the actor of pushing the election in favor of the current president.

As Us Weekly noted, McGowan joined Charmed in Season 4 of the supernatural show's run, when she took on the role of Paige Matthews — the half-sister of Milano's character Phoebe Halliwell. The production, which also starred Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell and Shannen Doherty as Prue Halliwell, ran from 1998 to 2006.