Carrie Underwood Is Overcome With Hysterical Laughter In Mike Fisher's Instagram Story

Something clearly got the better of Carrie Underwood this week, as the star was overcome with hysteria in her husband Mike Fisher's latest Instagram update. Mike shared the hilarious video, which can be seen via his Instagram story here, on Friday night, August 21, It showed the "Something In The Water" singer laughing so hard she was unable to move or speak.

She sat with her right hand covering her eyes and appeared to be crying with laughter. The country superstar snorted multiple times during her hysterical moment.

The retired Nashville Predators player admitted in the caption that he had no idea what actually tickled his wife, though he too could be heard giggling from behind the camera.

"My guess is as good as yours," he wrote, alongside a smiley face made of a colon and parenthesis.

Carrie appeared to be amused by something on her phone, as she held on to the device with her left hand. Her laughing fit went on so long it stretched across two consecutive videos that lasted almost 30-seconds combined.

She eventually seemed to calm down a little at the end of the second clip and took a deep breath but still covered her eyes. She let out an exhausted "wooo."

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood attend the 40th American Music Awards
Getty Images | Jason Merritt

The ripped multiple Grammy winner had her long blond hair down and textured, and she tucked it behind her left ear.

She kept things casual for her night at home with her man, rocking a pair of gray sweatpants and a black t-shirt. Her top was emblazoned with the words "Spread love. It's the Nashville way."

Carrie sat on a large, light green cushion on a white couch in front of floor to ceiling windows. She sat alongside her dog Ace, who appeared to be pretty confused by her sudden fit of laughter.

Many of her fans couldn't get enough of the video and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

"Carrie laughing is my most favorite thing," one person said.

"You know s**t was funny if you do the 'wooo' at the end sksksksksksk," another person said with two crying emoji.

Earlier this month, it was Carrie behind the camera when she gave fans a look at her husband's reaction to her online shopping addiction. The singer posted a clip to her Instagram story that showed a less than thrilled Mike piling Amazon boxes into their car. She jokingly asked him, "Am I in trouble?"