'General Hospital' Hints At A Love Triangle Between Ned, Olivia, And Robert

The General Hospital Nurses Ball was in full swing this past week, and that means plenty of drama was at hand. Many couples were thrown for a loop, especially Ned and Olivia Quartermaine. Now there may be a third party thrown into the mix soon. At least, that possibility seemed to be hinted at lately.

Robert Scorpio has been interacting with the Quartermaines lately, mainly Olivia. She is extremely worried about her son Dante being locked away from his family. However, Robert has shined some light in her darkness by getting her access to the facility where Dante is residing. According to the General Hospital recap for Friday's show from Soap Central, he gave her the good news that he was able to get her in for a visit with her son. Olivia was pretty grateful, giving Robert a big hug as Ned looked on from a distance. He confronted her about it, but she was so excited that she didn't realize how sarcastic he was being.

Ned was happy that she was able to go see Dante, but his bubble was burst when she told him that he couldn't go with her. Robert was to accompany her on the trip. Their marriage has been on the rocks lately as Olivia has been feeling left out and alone. She has barely talked to him, especially after he kicked Brooklyn out of the house. This is bound to make things worse.

Robert seems to be enjoying Olivia as well. He seems to get a little flustered when she is around. General Hospital fans are actually up for this pairing after seeing them together on screen, despite loving her with Ned. This trip may just be the thing that draws them together. With Robert mourning Holly's supposed death and Olivia upset about Dante, things may take a drastic turn between them.

Lisa Locicero and Wally Kurth
ABC | Valerie Durant

In the meantime, Ned and Olivia are waiting to hear how Brooklyn is doing after being attacked by Nelle. Her throat was slashed and her life is on the line. Monday's show will feature the aftermath of the attack. The Quartermaine couple is waiting frantically to see if she pulls through.

General Hospital has been back on the air with new episodes for three weeks now, and the show has been chock full of drama ever since. Pretty soon Dante will be back in Port Charles as well. There is no word yet on whether he will be coming back with Olivia or not.