‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Is ‘Baffled’ By Memphis Garrett’s Gameplay

Memphis Garrett appears on Big Brother Season 22

Longtime Big Brother host Julie Chen is spilling her feelings regarding this last week on the show. She caught up with Entertainment Weekly to talk about Nicole Anthony’s sad departure, David Alexander’s odd campaigning, and Memphis Garrett’s bizarre Head of Household (HOH) reign. Memphis came under fire throughout his time in power, especially for how he treated his nominees, namely David. He called David a rookie and suggested he deserved to be nominated since he was playing with big-timers. In addition, Memphis chose David to be a have-not, which was like pouring salt on a wound.

Memphis also didn’t consult his alliance when it came to his nominees, which was surprising to many. Nicole and David were hardly threats in the house and some of the roommates didn’t understand his decision. He also pushed for everyone to play in the Safety Suite competition in order to have as few people as possible playing against him in it for Week 3. Not many houseguests took him up on his request, with Tyler Crispen, Nicole Franzel, Dani Briones, and Enzo Palumbo deciding to hold off.

It was not just the houseguests who were confused, but Julie as well.

“I think he hurt himself with his HOH reign. As you heard him say last week when he won Head of Household, that was a first for him,” she said.

Memphis Garrett nominates two players for eviction

“Sure, he made it to the Final 2 in season 10 a dozen years ago but many thought it was because he had a strong partner in Dan Gheesling (who went on to win with a unanimous vote). Memphis has never experienced HOH power and it showed,” Julie continued.

The host believed Memphis was so unsympathetic to his nominees and roommates that he proved his immaturity with the powerful position.

“Maybe he called David a rookie because that’s actually what he thinks of himself and doesn’t want to be found out? I am baffled at his gameplay. Going after David and Nicole A.?”

Julie didn’t believe either Nicole A. or David were a threat to his game, but he never wanted to make waves during his time in power. On the live feeds, he told some of his alliance members that he felt making big moves in so early in the game was too risky and wanted to put up the “safe bets,” which ended up being the BB21 stars.

Memphis is currently considered the wildcard in the house with most of the players not sure if they can trust him. His only true loyalty right now, which is wavering, is with Cody Calafiore. The two are in the Commission alliance and are members of The Committee, which also includes Nicole Franzel, Dani Briones, Tyler Crispen, and Christmas Abbott.