‘Golden State Killer’ Joseph James DeAngelo Sentenced To Life In Prison Without The Possibility Of Parole

Joseph James DeAngelo, the suspected "Golden State Killer", appears in court for his arraignment
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

On Friday, notorious serial rapist and murderer Joseph James DeAngelo, a.k.a. “The Golden State Killer,” was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, CNN reported.

DeAngelo, who previously served as a police officer in California, issued an apology to many people in the courtroom before he received the judge’s verdict.

“I’ve listened to all your statements, each one of them and I am truly sorry to everyone I hurt.”

The 74-year-old terrorized multiple communities throughout the 1970s and ’80s, confessing to raping over 50 women and murdering 13 individuals. At his trial last June, DeAngelo confessed to multiple crimes he was not being charged with as part of a plea deal.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Bowman issued his verdict on August 21. Sentencing DeAngelo to 11 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole, Bowman also added an additional life sentence and eight more years onto his prison time to ensure he would be “locked away” so he can “never harm another innocent person.”

“This is the absolute maximum sentence the court is able to impose under the law. And while the court has no power to make a determination where the defendant is imprisoned, the survivors have spoken: Clearly the defendant deserves no mercy.”

Speaking about the many statements issued by the victims’ families, the judge said he “was moved by their courage, their grace, their strength,” qualities that the defendant lacked, he added.

After the sentencing, Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton said that his hideous crimes had forever altered the lives of so many victims and their relatives.

An attendee holds a photo of Cheri Domingo and her boyfriend Gregory Sanchez, who were killed in 1981, as she sits in the courtroom during the arraignment of Joseph James DeAngelo
  Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Continuing, she expressed her gratitude and awe toward the people who have displayed incredible strength and courage throughout the years — and particularly over this past week when they shared “the pain and agony they have endured over the years” with the courtroom.

Todd Spitzer, the Orange County District Attorney, said Bowman’s verdict would allow all of those who were impacted by DeAngelo to be “free from the shackles they and their loved ones” have been “forced to endure since their paths intersected with the devil.”

Sharon Huddle, a Sacramento attorney and DeAngelo’s ex-wife, also submitted a statement to the court, stating his actions have had a devastating and permanent impact on her life.

Six counties in total brought charges against DeAngelo for crimes that spanned across decades. It was not until 2018 that a major break in the case utilizing genetic genealogy finally pointed to DeAngelo as the culprit and led to his arrest.