Ed Orgeron Denies He Ever Said Quote Attributed To Him About Derrius Guice

Head coach Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers talks to his team
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LSU head coach Ed Orgeron denied on Thursday that he had made the comments that have been attributed to him regarding former Tigers’ and Washington Football Team’s running back Derrius Guice. Zac Al-Khateeb of the Sporting News wrote on Friday that the comments were in regard to two reported rapes allegedly committed by the running back when he played for the coach. The report was printed in USA Today and included another of Orgeron’s former players claiming that the coach was rather blase about the situation.

In the article, Orgeron is said to have met with an unnamed player, who was also the boyfriend of one of the accusers. In the meeting, the man claimed Orgeron said that “everybody’s girlfriend sleeps with other people.” The man also said Orgeron knew the woman didn’t give her consent.

Orgeron posted on Twitter that he believed he was incorrectly quoted and that he thought all victims should be heard.

“The sexual assault allegations made against Derrius Guice should be taken very seriously and the alleged victims must be heard and supported,” Orgeron wrote.

“I will always stand up for what is right and without question, I have complied — and I will continue to comply — with all university Title IX protocols and procedures.”

Head coach Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers on the sidelines
  Chris Graythen / Getty Images

He added that the former player who talked to USA Today did not share the entire conversation. He also said that out of respect for the man’s privacy he wasn’t going to share all the particulars of the conversation either.

He then said that the talk between the two was actually about the former Tiger transferring. Eventually, the topic landed on problems with a girlfriend and Orgeron said that he gave him the same kind of advice he would give any of his sons.

That advice was that everyone experiences heartbreak and that it shouldn’t lead to anyone transferring. He added that he had no idea the girlfriend problems stemmed from the alleged rape.

LSU said it is investigating the allegations against Guice, which came not long after the player was let go by Washington following his arrest for alleged domestic abuse.

He has been charged with three counts of assault and battery, destruction of property and felony strangulation. The charges stem from incidents that were said to have occurred in February, March and April of this year.

Since Orgeron has come out and denied saying the things he’s accused of saying, the player has not come forward to respond.