August 21, 2020
'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Guadagnino Shares Hilarious 'WAP' Edit Where He Plays Every Role

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Vinny Guadagnino is known for playing pranks and making jokes in real life and on television. He delighted his followers yet again on Friday afternoon with a hilarious new edit that showed him playing almost every role in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's new music video for their single, "WAP."

In his caption, Vinny joked that he was "so excited" to share his new music with fans, adding that he had taken a full day to film it and hoped everyone would enjoy it.

The opening moments showed Vinny's face edited on Cardi's body while she wore her iconic pink dress and walked down the WAP mansion hallway. His facial hair was even visible as someone had superimposed his face onto the singer's head. Hilariously, this version of Vinny waltzed down the hall in slow motion before cutting to Megan's body in her yellow dress, which was also a version of Vinny.

Aside from the pink and yellow gowns, Vinny also got to do the scene where Cardi rocks a purple-and-green wig and the sexy, scandalous leopard-print outfit. Other moments from the music video featured were Megan's purple outfit with a corset and her zebra-striped ensemble, as well as the leather and mesh number that included both rappers climbing on top of each other in a pool of water.

Not only that, but he also got to see what his face looked like edited onto Kylie Jenner's body during her cameo appearance.

The Double Shot At Love star's fans went wild over the hilarious update and quickly watched the clip more than 220,100 times. Aside from his followers, several of his Jersey Shore co-stars and famous colleagues also liked and commented on the post. It took less than an hour for him to secure a whopping 43,000 likes and over 2,300 comments.

"You look pretty," wrote Pauly D.

"Dafuq is happening here," added Lauren Sorrentino alongside a weary emoji.

Mary Shenouda, Lindsey Pelas, and Brody Jenner also commented.

Fan reactions varied from people who were somewhat horrified by Vinny's creation, to those who could not stop laughing. A few suggested that he make versions featuring his castmates.

"Broooo I'm ctfuuu you really took all day to put this video together and it came out so funny," said one fan.

"Nah you shoulda def made ya boy @djpaulyd one of these faces, I know you can add multiple!" said another.

"Not enough bleach to clean my eyes to un-see this," chimed in a third person.