LoveSync Still Kicking After Earning Viral Mockery, Striking Out On ‘Shark Tank’

The founders of LoveSync on Shark Tank.
Eric McCandless / Getty Images

LoveSync didn’t get good signals from the Shark Tank investors, but the company with an unusual product to help couples in the love department appears to still be kicking after the defeat.

The company was featured on a January episode of the ABC reality show, seeking an investment to grow a product that allowed partners to secretly press a button to let their significant other know whether they’re in the mood for love that night. The pitch seemed to perplex the sharks, who didn’t understand the need to replace actual communication with technology and couldn’t see a viable business plan for the outfit.

LoveSync was already on a shaky path by the time it appeared on Shark Tank. As The Verge noted in a story published in the weeks before the episode aired, LoveSync had attracted some viral attention for the unusual idea, and most of it was unflattering.

It was roasted by a number of publications and earned some mockery during a segment of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that highlighted the best and worst Valentine’s Day gifts.

As the reviews would indicate, the idea ended up getting no funding on Shark Tank and the shaky pitch caught even more attention. It was later featured in a video from Inc. that called it one of the most cringeworthy pitches on the history of Shark Tank.

That hasn’t stood in way of growth. As The Verge noted, LoveSync debuted a free app earlier this year that serves as a digital version of the button originally used. The report noted that the product has seemed to go over well with a segment of the population that could use a bit of help in the bedroom, and LoveSync’s website features testimonials from happy customers.

While other small businesses have wilted after going through the wringer of the Shark Tank investors, LoveSync appears to still be growing and is still getting buzz on social media. Aside from its expansion of its offerings, the company also had a campaign on Kickstarter that earned the support of hundreds of people, showing that there is a market for the idea, even if the Shark Tank investors don’t see a viable long-term business plan.

LoveSync also appears to be rolling with the punches. At the bottom of its website, LoveSync includes the logos of publications that have written about or featured the product in some way, including the mention on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.