Jade Grobler Flashes Her Underboob In A Cropped Shirt In New Instagram Update

Jade Grobler tantalized her 1 million Instagram followers when she posted a sexy update on Friday, August 21. In the new snap, the Australian model wore a skimpy, cropped shirt that showed a hint of her underboob.

In the sizzling photo, Jade looked like a total smokeshow as she rocked a dark-colored crop top. The garment featured short sleeves, and unlike most of her outfits, it entirely covered her decolletage. However, the piece was still skimpy enough. It was so short that it displayed a glimpse of her buxom curves.

The stunner teamed the top with a pair of red bikini bottoms, which boasted high leg cuts that helped elongate her toned legs. The waistband consisted of double straps that wrapped tightly around her trim waist, emphasizing her taut tummy and rock-hard abs. Viewers also got a peek at her perky booty due to the swimwear's thong design.

In the snapshot, Jade stood sideways and posed casually in her scanty ensemble. She parted her legs and raised both of her hands as she proudly flaunted her incredibly toned figure in front of the camera. Her right hand held a helmet, while her left hand reached behind her head.

She wore her long, blond hair down and straight. Some of the strands fell over her shoulder, while the rest hung down her back. She accessorized with a pair of stud earrings and a string bracelet, which was barely visible in the shot.

The Bang Energy endorser wrote a short caption and tagged the Untamed Roamer's Instagram page. Longtime followers of the model know that she's part of a group of influencers working with the digital influencer magazine.

Jade's fans did not hesitate to show their love for the post by clicking the like button more than 20,900 times in less than 24 hours after it was shared to her feed. Her admirers also flocked to the comments section to leave over 240 messages during that time. Many expressed their admiration for the model in both words and emoji. Countless admirers raved about her sexy figure and flawless skin.

"You are incredibly sexy! I have never been so enamored with a woman in my life, not until I saw you. I hope to meet you one day," one of her admirers wrote.

"You have everything, my dear. Beauty and the hottest body. Well, you don't have a boyfriend, but I think it's not a loss," commented another fan.

"Wow! Even the local wildlife will be amazed by the view. You are incredible," added a third social media user.