‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth And Franco Are Hit With The Hard Truth About Their Friends

Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth
Craig Sjodin / ABC

On Thursday’s General Hospital, Elizabeth overheard an interesting conversation while she was in the Metro Court bathroom. Ava and Nina wandered in and started talking, not realizing someone else was in there as well. On Friday, Elizabeth will seemingly be sharing what she now knows.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that Elizabeth and Franco will come to a realization about something. It stands to reason that their eyes will finally be opened as to what their so-called friends have been doing for weeks. They have been played by Nikolas and Ava Cassadine, but the couple’s plan may just backfire now that Elizabeth and Franco are onto them.

Elizabeth was upset with Franco on Thursday’s show and headed to the bathroom to calm down. That’s when the two women came strolling in, and Ava blurted out her plan to take 90 percent of her husband’s money if he slept with someone else. She was hoping that someone would be Elizabeth. She has never trusted Ava, but she will once again be hurt by Nikolas’ actions.

Franco and Ava also have a close relationship, so this will be a hurtful moment when he comes to realize that she was trying to get her husband to sleep with his wife. How will this fan-favorite couple handle this situation they have found themselves in?

While next week’s spoilers do not include these four characters so far, there will certainly be fireworks flaring soon enough. On Friday’s General Hospital, Franco will learn of the deviousness, which is sure to send him into a rage. He had already confronted Nik about staying away from his wife. When he finds out that his BFF was also involved, he isn’t going to take this lightly.

Ava had just learned earlier in the week that her husband had formed his own plan with his son Spencer. She overheard Lulu talking to Dustin about it. Just when she was feeling bad and planning to give in to Nikolas, she vowed to not stop until she got what she wanted. Unfortunately, she may lose the only person in her life that actually cares about her. Franco will likely be hopping mad that she would use him like that and try to destroy his marriage to Elizabeth.

The tables may be turned after Elizabeth tells Franco what she heard. They will either form their own secret plan of revenge, or they may just confront Ava and Nik head on. Either way, their friendships with the couple appear to be damaged. General Hospital viewers are waiting to see what happens next.