Vanessa Hudgens Rocks Leopard-Print Maxi Dress On The Beach At Sunset

Vanessa Hudgens took to Instagram on Thursday night with a pair of snaps that wowed her 38.7 million followers. In the images, she looked glamorous wearing a stylish printed dress and said she was embracing her solitude. The post received almost 300,000 likes in the first several hours after it was posted.

In the first image, Vanessa strolled on an empty beach in front of a golden sunset. A collection of busy footprints indicated that earlier the scene appeared much less serene. There was a closed canvas umbrella beside a lone chair at the end of a low wall constructed from wide, flat stones.

A glimmering, tranquil sea met the sky far off into the horizon. Shades of orange and yellow waning sunshine streaming through low-hanging clouds illuminated Vanessa's figure as she walked.

Vanessa wore a long dress featuring a leopard pattern. The material was sheer enough to see the silhouette of her legs through the flowing skirt, which draped elegantly across the sand. The garment had spaghetti straps and appeared to dip all the way to the small of her back, leaving an expanse of bare skin open to the ocean breeze.

She carried a small black bag slung over her right shoulder, embellished with a large, gold-colored "V" across the side. She wore sunglasses in the dimming light.

She also accessorized with a gold-colored arm band, bracelet, multiple rings, and a pair of thin hoop earrings.

The second snap appeared to be taken earlier in the day and gave a full view of the front of Vanessa's dress. It had an extremely low-cut neckline that was edged in bright, multicolored patterned stripes that displayed a glimpse of her cleavage.

She tilted her head and looked up and to the side, with her eyes shining and one eyebrow arched. Both sides of her mouth curved into a merry, mischievous grin.

She leaned back in a cushioned woven chair with sunlight spilling across her smiling face. She raised her left arm and toyed with a few curly tendrils of hair. In her left hand, she held a tall, purple drink garnished with a lemon, positioned as if she were ready to take a sip.

Palm trees and bright blue water were visible behind a wall that seemingly enclosed the patio.

Vanessa's devoted Instagram followers were quick to show their admiration for the stunning celebrity.

"I LOVE U MY QUEEEEEEEEEENNNNN," gushed one fan, following up the comment with a series of heart emoji.

"Beautiful Goddess," declared a second person.