Haley Kalil Slays In Bedazzled Nude Mini Dress After Undergoing Dramatic Transformation

The 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' model revealed that her stunning look was inspired by the TV series 'Euphoria.'

Haley Kalil walks the runway during the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

The 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' model revealed that her stunning look was inspired by the TV series 'Euphoria.'

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Haley Kalil underwent a magical transformation in the Instagram video that she shared with her admirers on Thursday, August 20. She revealed that her final look was inspired by the HBO series Euphoria, which she’s a massive fan of.

Haley’s video began with a shot of the model staring at her reflection in a bathroom mirror. She was dressed casually in a matching cornflower blue set that included a long-sleeved shirt with buttons down the front. The bottom was knotted to show a glimpse of her taut tummy. She teamed the comfortable top with a pair of drawstring sweatpants with pockets.

Haley’s glossy auburn hair was pulled back with a pink scrunchie. As she gazed at her reflection, she leaned forward and ran her hands over her face. To make it seem as though she didn’t like what she was seeing, she let out a big sigh. She then turned on the sink and started washing her face.

The model suddenly whipped her hair back, and it was now down. She also rocked an entirely different outfit. Haley was clad in a curve-hugging nude mini dress embellished with glittering beading and dazzling crystals. Clusters of the decorations covered her breasts to prevent her from showing too much. They also cascaded down the back and front of the garment’s skintight skirt, which clung to her pert posterior. The back of the dress scooped down low to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Haley shot the camera a sultry look as she spun to face it. Her gorgeous eyes were framed with tiny crystals that matched the embellishments covering her body. As she moved, her outfit and her eye adornments sparkled and shined.

Haley revealed that her “fancy” outfit and bold beauty look were inspired by the way the characters on Euphoria dress and do their makeup. While interacting with her fans in the comments section, she remarked that she’s so obsessed with the show that she “would give up tacos for a year just to be an extra on it.”

Haley seemed to do a good job of convincing her followers that she deserves a cameo on the series.

“Stop!! This is my ALL time favorite of you for sure. You are a euphoria QUEEN,” read one response to her post.

“This is unreal,” another admirer wrote.

“You are tooo beautiful!!! Seriously whaaat!” gushed a third viewer.

The HBO series isn’t the only show that has inspired one of Haley’s looks. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she added a few swashbuckling accessories to a black bikini to become a sexier version of Painty the Pirate from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants.