WWE News: Velveteen Dream Deletes Entire Twitter History

Velveteen Dream returns to WWE television

Velveteen Dream has been embroiled in controversies ever since he was named in the #SpeakingOut movement earlier this year. He recently made his return to WWE television, but the decision to bring him back has proved to be polarizing. Now the NXT performer appears to have deleted his entire Twitter history as a result, per Sportskeeda.

As highlighted by the report, Dream’s decision to delete his social media posts came after a petition to have him fired was launched by fans. The superstar has also been subjected to a lot of ire from his critics on Twitter since the alleged misconduct stories became public knowledge.

As quoted by Ringside News, the petition details how Dream allegedly sent inappropriate photos to underage recipients. The superstar claimed that they were sent without his permission after the scandal broke.

“Velveteen Dream, aka Patrick Clark Jr, has been accused and proven to be grooming minors. WWE has done nothing about it. It is unfair that he goes off scott-free and even gets a push. We demand Justice! I will not release the names of the victims due to legal reasons. We ask WWE to clearly and honestly investigate Mr.Clark and if they find evidence, turn him over to the proper authorities.”

Velveteen Dream appears on WWE television

The Dream controversy gained more steam this week after one of his accusers, Josh Fuller, claimed that the sports entertainment promotion never contacted him for his side of the story. As The Inquisitr recalled, Triple H subsequently defended the decision to bring the superstar back by revealing that the company launched an investigation and found nothing worth penalizing Dream over.

As The Inquisitr report mentioned, Dream has reportedly received backlash from his fellow superstars as well. The belief backstage is that he’s been shown preferential treatment, as most other performers would be fired if they were in Dream’s shoes.

As of this writing, Dream is scheduled to compete in a five-man Ladder Match at this weekend’s NXT: Takeover XXX event. In addition to returning to the black-and-gold brand, he also appears to be getting pushed again, which hasn’t gone down well in the wrestling community.

Jack Gallagher was released earlier this year after misconduct allegations against him came to light. All mentions of the former NXT UK star have been erased from the official website as well. However, other superstars who were at the center of their own controversies — such as Matt Riddle and Jordan Devlin — managed to keep their jobs.