Chanel West Coast Leans Over Balcony In Gold Bikini In 'No Plans' Teaser Video

Chanel West Coast gifted her fans with a teaser clip for her decadent "No Plans" music video on Thursday. While the sneak peek was brief, there was plenty for viewers to see. In a few scenes, she rocked the same resplendent gold bikini that she wore in the behind-the-scenes footage that she previously shared.

The Ridiculousness star sported a number of different flashy looks in the video, which drops on August 28. It began with a shot of Chanel slowly ascending a staircase in an opulent room with a white interior. There was a statue of a gold cherub in the foreground, and elegantly curved sconces lined the wall. They matched the staircase's wrought-iron railing. A vase full of white orchids could also be seen downstairs.

Chanel wore the metallic bikini dripping with beaded fringe, and she also rocked a pair of gold high heels. In another shot, she leaned over a balcony outside. She was filmed from behind, which revealed that her bottoms had a cheeky back that left little of her peachy posterior to the imagination. The singer had a breathtaking view of palm trees, a wooded area, and a massive manicured lawn.

One of the other looks Chanel sported was a neon green string bikini top, which she teamed with a pair of baggy white pants and a cropped jacket. In another steamy scene, she wore a brown snakeskin-print swimsuit while she cozied up to a shirtless guy. The garment had an asymmetrical neckline and a cutout underneath the bust that displayed a hint of underboob. The last look that was teased was a bright green crop top that was color-coordinated with the singer's fingernails and eye shadow.

Chanel was also joined by a number of female co-stars, two of whom were shown dancing behind her on the balcony. In other shots, Chanel appeared solo as she danced between two luxury vehicles with their headlights on. Fans also got to see an aerial view of the luxurious mansion where the footage was filmed.

Chanel's teaser only included an instrumental snippet of her new single with no singing. However, the visuals were a huge hit with her Instagram followers. Within three hours, her post amassed over 4,000 likes and an avalanche of compliments.

"Watching you evolve from day one has been a blessing. Your hard work is paying off yo keep it up," wrote one fan.

"Chanel. Can't wait. You definitely deserve everything good," said another admirer.

"That video looks like its going to be hot!" gushed a third commenter.

"Been looking forward to it're gonna kill it!" read a fourth message.