Sharon Osbourne 911 Tape: Speculation Links Emergency Call To ‘Split’ From Ozzy [Audio]

A Sharon Osbourne 911 tape has been linked to the alleged split between herself and husband Ozzy Osbourne.

Despite denials from both Ozzy (who confessed to a drink and drugs problem ballooning out of control) and son Jack, the rumor mill is still suggesting the Osbournes have split, or are at least spending time apart.

What could have caused this possible split? TMZ thinks there’s a vital clue in a 911 call made by Sharon back in January. Osbourne called the emergency services earlier this year after a fire, caused by an open candle, broke out in her house.

The Sharon Osbourne 911 tape (embedded below) features a tired-sounding Sharon requesting assistance from an emergency operator. But that’s not all TMZ heard. The site reports:

“We’ve re-listened to the tape – recorded January 17 at 4:45 AM – and you hear Ozzy at the beginning, sounding somewhat incoherent. It’s possible Ozzy was no different than normal, but we now know he’s only been sober for around 45 days after 1 1/2 years of abusing drugs and alcohol, so that would mean he was using at the time of the 911 call.

“So here’s what we have. Someone lit a candle and then carelessly let it burn. Ozzy was off the wagon. It was 4:45 AM. Sharon sounds like she’s the one who was blindsided.”

This, feels TMZ, could provide clues to the recent marital strife the Osbournes are rumored to be facing.

Drink or drugs being involved in the fire at the Osbournes’ is plausible, perhaps, but to this writer it all sounds rather far-fetched – especially as Sharon said she had inadvertently started the blaze.

You can listen to the Sharon Osbourne 911 tape below. What do you think, readers? Is there anything noteworthy in TMZ‘s detective work, or is this a non-story?

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