Brandi Glanville Says She Has 'Two Years Worth' Of Texts From Denise Richards That Will Be Shown On 'RHOBH'

Brandi Glanville says she has text messages from Denise Richards that span a couple of years which will prove once and for all that they had an affair.

The author and podcast host took to Twitter to assure fans that there's a lot more than the few messages that were displayed on the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which she showed to her castmates as she attempted to prove her alleged hookup with the Bold and the Beautiful star.

Fans of the Bravo reality show know that after she was confronted by the RHOBH ladies about Denise's denial that they hooked up, Brandi pulled out her phone to share the text thread she had going with her former friend. Brandi then passed her phone around the table for all to see.

Though most of the content was innocent – Denise called her "pretty mama" and "honey" in several messages as the two made plans to meet up for drinks – the sheer volume of texts had some of the RHOBH stars stunned. Denise has claimed that she hardly knew Brandi and had only talked to her a few times in her life. Erika Jayne noted that the thread went on for "pages and pages and pages," per TooFab.

After the episode aired, Brandi took to Twitter to tease that more texts will be revealed.

"[There] are two years worth of texts so Just be patient they will all be shown."
The Unfiltered podcast host added that she is not a producer on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so she can't control what appears on air.
"I gave them two years worth of texts I am not in charge of what they choose to show. I know that more texts will be coming out."

Brandi Glanville appears on Watch What Happens Live.
Bravo | Charles Sykes

In replies to Brandi's tweets, some viewers were horrified that she would share such personal information without getting permission from Denise.

"What is the point of all this?? Why do you feel the need to expose her? " one commenter asked.

"Does it make you feel good about yourself to do this??? I don't understand it!!" another added.

Others wrote that Brandi is so "thirsty" to get a Real Housewives diamond next season that she will do anything to get it.

When another follower asked Brandi why she feels the need to "bury" Denise, a fan replied, "She feels the need to DEFEND herself!"

It's no secret that Denise has called Brandi a liar on several occasions. In an Instagram post, which can be seen here, Brandi was clear about her motives.

"When you call me a liar, it makes me reveal more. It's part of the job," she wrote.