Bella Hadid Poses In Glamorous Photo Shoot With Dua Lipa's Baby Goats

Bella Hadid took to Instagram on Thursday morning with an adorable series of photos that delighted her 32.3 million followers. For the update, the stunning model was pictured in a lush green yard with a pair of baby goats. The post garnered over 160,000 likes in the first 20 minutes after it was uploaded.

Bella credited her sister Gigi for taking the photographs, which were reportedly shot several months ago for the British fashion magazine i-D.

She wore a knit dress by fashion line Bottega Veneta in a pale taupe color that complemented her olive complexion and also happened to match her furry modeling companions.

The lightweight outside layer of the dress was lined with a white shell that was visible along the edges of the garment. The clothing appeared comfortable and loose-fitting, yet still clung flatteringly to her curves.

It had a high neck and long sleeves but was backless and cut out over both shoulders, revealing a huge expanse of bare skin. Different sized vertical ribbing embellished the front of the dress and around the neck. The bottom hem featured long, thin pieces of fringe that spread across the grass on which she sat.

Bella accessorized with a pair of chunky gold-colored hoops. Her dark hair was parted off-center and smoothed back into a tight bun at the back of her head.

Her small friends were identified as Funky and Bam-Bam. Bella thanked her brother Anwar and his girlfriend Dua Lipa for letting her shoot with them and complimented the creatures on their good behavior.

She maintained a graceful and elegant demeanor throughout the shoot. The animals posed beautifully with her, but perhaps with slightly less skill.

In the first image, Bella reclined on the front of both shins with her weight offset to one side. She raised her chin into the sunshine and cradled the smallest of the goats in her arms, resting its sweet little nose against her neck. The second image was a close-up portrait of the two.

Bella stretched out seductively on her stomach in the next photo. Her figure was partially blocked by a goat rear end, but the long, lean angles of her body looked gorgeous as she posed. She extended one arm out in front of her and gazed directly at the camera with an intense expression.

It appears that she may have enticed the pair to model with some treats because in the last two snaps, their curiosity seemed to have been piqued. They both climbed up on her lap with a vested interest as Bella threw her head back and giggled.