August 20, 2020
'Double Shot At Love' Spoilers: Pauly D Says 'Dreams Do Come True' About His Rise To Fame

Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio told his roommates "dreams do come true" in a frank discussion about his rise to fame and how thankful he was for his success in a teaser trailer for the latest episode of MTV's A Double Shot At Love, which airs tonight.

The group, which included Pauly, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation co-star Vinny Guadagnino, Suzi Baidya, Maria Elizondo, Brittani "B-Lashes" Schwartz, Derynn Paige, Marissa Lucchese, Nikki Hall, Brandon Stakemann, Antonio Locke, and Nicky Curd, headed out for dinner. During the meal, Pauly revealed he did not take the journey that brought him success for granted.

Nicky asked Pauly if he ever thought his life would turn out the way it did. His response surprised everyone seated at the table.

Pauly responded," No."

He elaborated that 10 years earlier, he was just a DJ in Rhode Island where he played to empty dance floors. Pauly said he used to take care of his own equipment and play the whole night without any assistance. His life is now drastically different since he achieved career success due to his affiliation with Jersey Shore.

"You never know when you get that one opportunity that could change your life," he explained in the clip. "Everything happens for a reason."

His words seemed to inspire Brandon, who worked for a DJ company. He hoped his career would take a similar path of luck. Little did he know that Pauly had a surprise in store that could change him as the evening evolved.

Fans of the series were thrilled to learn even more about the show's resident bachelor and spoke out regarding how much they appreciated Brandon's sentiments. They shared their feelings in the comments section of the share.

"'I'm loving how Brandon is so grateful sometimes we forget to step back and just appreciate the moments," shared one fan of Brandon appearing to be one of the only cast members who seemed humbled by his experience on the series.

"Okay, FINE. Give us a Double Shot 3!!! I hope this is just the beginning for them. Gratitude is everything!" wrote a second viewer.

"I remember watching Pauly on Jersey Shore when he made that call to Karma and when he actually DJ'd there. To see where he's at now. Super proud of him," recalled a third Instagram user.

"I love everyone on this show! I hope it lasts a long time! You all picked a great cast!" stated a fourth fan, who appeared hopeful for a third season of the series.