Elephant Dung Beer Follows Coffee Counterpart, Sells Out In Minutes

Elephant dung beer from a brewery in Japan has sold out in minutes, according to a Wednesday report from Digital Spy.

The website claimed that the beer, called “Un, Kono Kuro,” brewed by Sankt Gallen, went on sale April Fools’ Day and didn’t make it to April 2.

Classified as a coffee stout, the elephant dung beer uses actual coffee beans to enhance the flavor. Those beans just so happen to have gone through the digestive system of an elephant, expelling through the creature’s anus.

We certainly don’t blame you if you think that sounds disgusting, but you may be surprised to find drinkers are taking it in for more than just bragging rights.

Mr. Sato of the website RocketNews24 was able to access three bottles and had nothing but raves for it, referring to the beverage as “the best beer I’ve ever had.”

“After downing the last drop, slowly rising from my throat and mouth was that afterglow. The combination of bitter and sweet stayed fresh and lingered in my head. It was a familiar aroma that accompanied me through the entire beer.”

Sato continued: “For some time after I could still feel as if my body was saturated with that warm scent. Luckily there were two more bottles left.”

Sato’s affection for a beer that essentially contains pieces of crap in its makeup may seem disturbing, to say the least, but he insisted that excrement is the last thing you’ll taste when you turn up a bottle of Sankt Gallen’s concoction.

“I sniffed at the bottle’s neck and my nostrils were greeted with a faint bitter aroma, a little like roasted coffee,” he said.

(Now we’re not sure whether we want to try a taste or never have coffee again.)

Considering that there has already been a couple of efforts to dung-ify coffee — a brew in Thailand and Indonesia’s cat poop coffee, we probably should have kicked the habit before this, but oh well. Might as well have another cup, except that it costs about $50 for a taste:

Would you drink elephant dung beer or anything that came from the butt of an animal? And if so, is there anything you wouldn’t try?

[Image via ShutterStock]