Adam Scott Talks About Girlfriend, Makes Women Around The World Cry [Video]

adam scott

Ladies, we’ve got some bad news: Adam Scott has a girlfriend.

The Australian golfer became the world’s most eligible bachelor last weekend when he became the first Australian to win the Masters. Well, he would have become the world’s most eligible bachelor if he wasn’t in a relationship with a woman named Marie.

Women around the internet started to swoon over the Australian golfer after he won the Masters. And since Scott ended his relationship to tennis player Ana Ivonovic last January, most people assumed that he was single.

Unfortunately for those hopeful romantics out there, Scott said that he’s very happy in his current relationship.

Gayle King asked Scott about his relationship status on CBS This Morning.

King said:”I was in the office the other day, there was a computer on and it had your picture, it just said Adam Scott’s Arms, there were like 5 or 6 women 20s and 30s gathered all around it saying, he’s great, he’s got great teeth, he’s got great hair, he’s the world’s most eligible bachelor. So when you hear that about yourself, what do you want women to know about you and your availability?

Scott replied: That’s all quite embarrassing really, but no, I am not single at all. I’m very much in a relationship and very happy at the moment.”

Scott didn’t give any other details about Marie. The Business Insider speculates that Scott may have gotten back together with Marie Kojzar, an interior designer, who he dated in 2007.