Bill Clinton Appears To Receive Neck Massage From Alleged Jeffrey Epstein Victim In Newly Released Photo

Former President Bill Clinton speaks at The Clinton Global Initiative Winter Meeting at Sheraton New York Times Square.
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A newly surfaced photo shows Bill Clinton receiving a massage from Chauntae Davies, an alleged victim of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the photo was allegedly taken while Clinton went on a humanitarian trip to Africa with Epstein in September 2002. The former American leader reportedly complained of having a stiff neck after he fell asleep on Epstein’s private jet, also known as the Lolita Express. From here, Ghislaine Maxwell — who is facing charges of involvement in Epstein’s purported trafficking ring — reportedly encouraged Davies, a then-22-year-old massage therapist, to give him a rub.

Davies claims that she was recruited by Maxwell and subsequently raped by Epstein multiple times. She said that Clinton was a gentleman on the excursion and called him “charming and sweet.”

“Although the image looks bizarre, President Clinton was a perfect gentleman during the trip and I saw absolutely no foul play involving him,” Davies, who is now in her early 40s, said of the encounter.

According to Davies, the incident happened at a stop-over for refueling the jet.

“Ghislaine chimed in to be funny and said that I could give him a massage. Everyone had a little chuckle but Ghislaine in her prim British accent insisted and said I was good. The President then asked me ”would you mind giving it a crack’?”

“He turned his back to me and I reached up and I started to rub out the kink in our former President’s neck and shoulder,” she said.

The journey to Africa was part of an effort by Clinton’s foundation to raise awareness about AIDS and poverty gripping the continent. Other high-profile figures that made the excursion included actors Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey.

Bill Clinton listens to speeches during the World War II Memorial Groundbreaking Ceremony on the National Mall.
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Although Davies denied that Clinton engaged in foul play, the picture nevertheless continues to highlight the former American leader’s links to the notorious sex offender. Back in July, new developments again tied the politician to Epstein.

As The Inquisitr reported, another one of the disgraced financier’s alleged victims, Virginia Giuffre, said that she saw Clinton on the disgraced financier’s private island with two young girls. Clinton has denied ever visiting the notorious Caribbean estate, which has been dubbed as Pedophile Island.

According to A Convenient Death, Clinton allegedly had an affair with Maxwell and used Epstein to get close to her.

Clinton isn’t the only U.S. leader linked to Epstein. As reported by The Daily Beast, another Epstein victim, known only as Jane Doe, claimed that the sex offender showed her off to Donald Trump at his Mar-A-Lago resort when she was just 14.