‘The Bachelor’ Lovebirds Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan Celebrate Fun Anniversary

Peter Weber attends ABC Television's Winter Press Tour 2020
Frazer Harrison / ABC

Tuesday marks a very special anniversary for The Bachelor star Peter Weber and his gal Kelley Flanagan. It’s been exactly one year since they first met, and as fans will remember, that happened shortly before he started filming his season.

Peter shared a post on Instagram recognizing that first meeting. As was explained for viewers when The Bachelor aired last fall, Kelley had already been in the casting process when she attended a friend’s wedding in California. It just so happened that the hotel where she was had also been hosting Peter’s high school class reunion on the same night.

Kelley and Peter crossed paths at one point during the evening, and now he’s sharing some snippets from that chance meeting with his Instagram followers. They were both with friends during the clip he shared, and they apparently spent much of the rest of that evening dancing as a group in the hotel hallway.

It seems that at some point in the midst of all of this, Kelley had a FaceTime call with a friend to show her that she had just met Peter. She even mentioned that she didn’t know what God was trying to tell her with this surprise and that she had so much to tell her friend. She also said her pal had to promise to keep it all a secret.

Ultimately, that happenstance meeting last August turned out to be quite significant. They went on to build a relationship in front of cameras as he was on The Bachelor, but he eliminated her right before hometowns. He ultimately presented his final rose to Hannah Ann Sluss, but that pairing didn’t last for long.

Last spring, he visited Kelley in Chicago, and the two have been practically inseparable since then. This was certainly an unusual path for The Bachelor to seemingly find his match, but it looks like this may be the one that sticks.

In the caption of his new Instagram post, Peter said that at the time he met Kelley at the hotel that night, he didn’t know if he’d ever see her again. She told him at the time that she had a spot on The Bachelor, but the two just didn’t mesh the same way in front of cameras that they did in real life.

“I always knew you’d be together! We loved you guys from the start!!!! You didn’t ever have a connection like the one with Kelley!” one fan wrote in response to his post.

“Y’all are gonna have to get married at that hotel,” someone else teased.

The Bachelor fans will surely get a kick out of seeing these early moments that Kelley and Peter spent together, considering where they stand now. They aren’t engaged, but all signs point to that being on the horizon, and everybody will be anxious to see what’s ahead for them.