'Crimson Dragon' New Trailer Shows Us What Xbox One Can Do [Video]

The newest Crimson Dragon trailer may just convince us that Xbox One can be fun.

One of the Xbox One's launch titles, Crimson Dragon has struck critics as the spiritual successor to the classic dragon-based shooter Panzer Dragoon, and it may be one of those surprise game-changers that turns the tide in the coming console war.

The gorgeous new trailer for Crimson Dragon explains a little more about the story while giving us incredible visuals that make us wish we had an Xbox One so we could play it right now.

Of course, if Crimson Dragon reminds you a bit too much of that other rail shooter with dragons, that's because it's being made by the same people.

The story is actually about humans settling on a planet that we were forced to move to, because Earth has apparently become uninhabitable. However, when we start settling, we find we aren't the only intelligent life on the planet, and the native inhabitants – a sort of dragon race – doesn't want us there.

The new Crimson Dragon trailer begins with the sight of some giant block-like black structure in the distance by some rock formations, on a planet colonized under the name Project Draco. A female voice-over starts in, "When they came here, it was to start again. Draco was a new beginning. Draco was a second chance, but we discovered that Draco wouldn't be so easily settled. From the planet's depths came the white phantom, an eternal reminder that we were only human, and that Draco was not our home. This planet is all we have now, and we're not going down without a fight."

Along the way we see a massive creature that looks like a stingray with a long mouth as well as several beautiful environments with pyrotechnics lighting everything up.

This Crimson Dragon trailer may be what makes some of us end up buying the Xbox One for its exclusive launch game.