Coronavirus 'Hotbed' Florida Sees Lowest Number Of Cases In One Day Since Mid-June

Though Florida has been considered one of the largest hotspots of the novel coronavirus in the United States, it appears that the number of infections may have finally peaked. According to new numbers recently released by the Florida Health Department, the Sunshine State recorded 2,678 cases on Saturday, which is the lowest daily increase since mid-June.

The statement also noted that the rate of infection currently stood at around 8.25 percent, which marked the fifth straight day below 10 percent positivity.

In addition to the decrease in overall cases, the Health Department also announced that there are 5,654 current hospitalizations with a primary diagnosis of COVID-19. This marks a huge, 40 percent decrease of hospital-ridden patients from July 21.

The numbers will no doubt be heartening to many medical experts, who feared that the state could become the next New York or New Jersey. The two northeastern states have suffered the worst throughout the crisis, and comprise nearly a third of the total coronavirus-related deaths in the U.S.

One benefit that Florida has over the Empire and Garden States is that its COVID policies were quick to protect older patients who are more vulnerable to the disease. In fact, according to NBC affiliate WFLA 8, the age group that accounts for the largest percentage increase consists of Floridians between 25 and 34 years-old.

"There are 108,623 cases in that age group, 19% of the state's total. Of those cases, 2,017 have been hospitalized and 64 have died," the website reported.

Though younger adults are not as in much danger from the virus as the elderly, there are still risks, and medical experts have urged younger adults to take precautions seriously after many residents appeared to ignore social distancing rules to enjoy the summer weather with friends.

A health worker takes a coronavirus swab.
Getty Images | Joe Raedle

Masks are currently required in a number of counties, though it appears that recent fatalities occurred in both in counties that required facial coverings and those that did not.

Other findings in the data showed that women tested positive more often than men, and the median age of those infected was 40-years-old.

The release comes after the Department of Health was plagued earlier this summer with accusations of inflating their infection numbers. As was previously reported by The Inquisitr, an employee at the agency was reportedly inputting high rates of positivity that did not reflect the data given by hospitals and testing centers.

In other coronavirus-related news, reports are claiming that Japanese officials are ready to cancel the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games unless a vaccine for the disease can be developed.