Britney Spears Shouts 'I Don't Like That' As Sam Asghari Goes 'Pink Panther' On Her

Effie Orfanides

Britney Spears was busy taking photos and/or videos of herself today when her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, snuck up on her and caused her to shriek -- and it was all caught on video!

"Alright, so, I've been getting a lot of questions from you guys, 'where's Britney?' 'where is this, where is that, show us her,' so I'm going to show her to you," Asghari whispered.

He instructed his audience to be quiet by lifting his finger to his mouth and saying "shh" as he walked shirtless through Spears' house with a cellphone in his hand.

He chose the Pink Panther theme song as background music as he took fans down a hallway on a mission to find his "lioness." He peeked around the corner and spotted his girlfriend before shouting, "wassup?" startling Spears, who let out a scream.

"I don't like that!" she yelled, laughing.

The video was posted on Asghari's Instagram account and also uploaded to Spears' Instagram stories on Monday. You can check it out below.

"Ok cool, but now can we actually have real answers??" one person wrote.

"Cute, but free Britney please," another added.

The video showed off the fun aspect of Spears' relationship with Asghari, and some fans were quick to pick up on that.

"The best couple of the world," wrote one fan.

"That was too funny. You guys are adorable," added another.

Asghari's mini-Spears-chase around the house proved that Spears is indeed at home and has given a bit of an inside look into the Instagram posts she is fond of sharing. The singer was standing on a white photo background, which is apparently where she takes many photos and videos that are seen on her Instagram account. She was wearing a pair of tiny khaki-colored shorts and a green-hued, long-sleeved crop top. Given Spears' social media habits, she will most likely be uploading some photos in the outfit later today or maybe even later this week.