Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: The Nurses Ball Begins & Port Charles Gathers For A Wild Event

Tuesday's episode of General Hospital features the beginning of this year's Nurses Ball. Spoilers indicate that this one will be different from previous events in some significant ways, but viewers should be able to expect some big surprises, as is typically the case.

ABC recently unveiled one sneak peek into this week's Nurses Ball, and a few more tidbits were shown in the preview for the August 18 episode. While General Hospital usually goes full-out in dressing everybody up for the red carpet and fancy shindig, it appears that they're taking a different approach this time. It looks like virtually all of the attendees will be wearing T-shirts specially made for the annual celebration.

It seems likely that the decision to go with these shirts was made due to the months-long production hiatus that took place due to the coronavirus pandemic. The General Hospital cast and crew returned to the set just a few weeks ago, and producers probably decided for the sake of moving along rapidly that this approach would be the easiest.

Nina will be wearing a gorgeous red dress as she kicks off the event, though. Jordan and Curtis will arrive together, as will Nikolas and Ava. These two may show up as a couple, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that there's more drama on the way for them.

Ava's portrait unveiling was a disaster and she now knows about Nikolas' scheming with Spencer. They remain determined to destroy the other one, although their intense fighting also led to a kiss during Monday's show. According to SheKnows Soaps, he'll be dismissive of her in some way during Tuesday's episode.

General Hospital teasers from the preview also revealed that Nelle will be at the event. She ultimately may end up sneaking away, as she is intent on swooping up Wiley and leaving town. In the meantime, however, she'll be involved with the event to some extent, and it looks as if perhaps Spinelli ends up interacting with her.

Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton play Sam and Jason on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Todd Wawrychuk

Kelly Monaco is back, and her character of Sam will sneak away from the Nurses Ball to see Jason at General Hospital. In addition, it seems that Carly will be working with Nina on the red carpet. Robert and Olivia will interact a bit with one another and Valentin will arrive and insist that he is ready to rise to the occasion.

It appears that Tuesday's show will be used primarily to set up the action ahead. There will be some performances as usual, but this definitely won't be quite the production viewers have typically seen in the past. Additional General Hospital spoilers regarding the twists and turns ahead should emerge over the coming days, and people will be anxious to see what's next.