‘Black Crown’: Random House Releasing Free-To-Play Online Game In May

Random House releasing new online game

Random House is moving into the free-to-play online game genre with the impending release of Black Crown.

This particular endeavor is a quite a different change from what the publisher is used to dealing with and because of that, there is bound to be quite a bit of interest in this text based online game.

Free-to-play games are becoming all the rage when talking about your average and more well known adventure games but this particular game is apparently going to be taking a rather original approach to the format.

Random House’s Black Crown is accepting registration now but the game won’t be getting going until May. When you go to sign up for the game there is a series of questions you have to answer that apparently give you a bit of a background into what kind of game this might be.

When you go to sign up for this game for the first time you will make a name for yourself as well as answer some questions that seem to make little sense.

While there doesn’t seem to be much reason for the questions it does appear that they are there to let you know the time period in which this story takes place.

While the game is indeed free-to-play and sign up for, Random House has said that there will be a way to buy certain items throughout the story.

You will also be able to pay in order to move the story along a little bit faster.

It appears that the game has something to do with an infectious disease given that the insignia for the game is a gas mask.

More details, as well as who the author of Random House’s Black Crown is expected to be announced in the coming weeks as we get closer to launch day.