Cindy Prado Looks Smoking Hot Lounging In A Skimpy Ribbed Bikini

Bombshell Cindy Prado thrilled her 1.5 million Instagram followers with her latest share, a tantalizing double update in which she rocked a skimpy bikini. The shots were taken at Casa Content, as the geotag indicated, and Cindy was relaxing on a lounge chair. She had a vibrant pink-and-white striped towel laid out on the chair, which provided a contrast to her neutral swimwear.

Cindy showcased her curves in a string bikini top that looked like a regular one turned upside down. Triangles crafted from a dark gray ribbed fabric hugged her curves and allowed her to leave a serious amount of cleavage on display. A thin string stretched across her chest horizontally, just above her breasts, and two thin straps extended from the bottom of each cup, tying around her lower back in a bow.

She held a peach-flavored energy beverage from the brand Celsius in her hand, also tagging the energy drink company in her post. Thanks to the can's placement, the only thing fans could see between her top and her legs in the first photo was a string stretching over her hips, as well as her toned stomach. A woman, also in a two-piece swimsuit, was positioned on the lounge chair next to Cindy and she was likewise holding a beverage can.

Cindy's bronzed skin looked incredible in the snap, and she gazed off into the distance. Her long locks tumbled down her chest and back in an effortless style, and she held up a slightly wrinkled newspaper. A shallow bowl with several fruits, including peaches, was placed on a table to her left.

Cindy shared a second image in which she was taking a sip from her drink. She had a wide statement ring on the hand holding her can, and her figure looked incredible.

Her followers absolutely loved the sizzling snaps, and the post received over 23,700 likes within three hours, as well as 212 comments from her audience.

"Enjoy the heat and the drink," one follower commented.

"Luscious as a sweet peach... yum," another fan remarked.

"Cindy you look hot even in a heat wave," a third person added, including a flame emoji and a heart-eyes emoji in the comment.

"You are so cute," a fourth admirer wrote.

Just yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, Cindy shared a smoking-hot triple update taken in Miami Beach, Florida. She wore another minuscule black bikini that highlighted her fit figure as she posed on a balcony area overlooking a peaceful body of water.