'The Young And The Restless' Recap For Monday: Nick Blows Phyllis' Mind

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, August 17, reveals that Adam and Sharon talk, and she sets some boundaries for their professional relationship. Chelsea warns her fiancé against digging too far into his past, Nick blows Phyllis' mind, and Abby warns Chance about her brother.

Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) clashed at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis reveled in the newly quiet atmosphere, and Abby said she knew that the redhead got her construction project shut down and warned that the victory would be short-lived. Later, Chance (Donny Boaz) worried about the CEO switch at Newman Enterprises, and Abby felt stunned when she realized Chance was worried about Adam (Mark Grossman). Abby warned her boyfriend that her brother wasn't the same man he'd been in Las Vegas. Ultimately, the couple agreed to disagree when it came to the second Newman son.

Later, Nick (Joshua Morrow) showed up at the Grand Phoenix, and they briefly talked about the revolving Newman CEOs, but Nick didn't want to spend time on that, so Phyllis wondered what would make a perfect escape for a woman. Nick offered to show her, and the couple went to his suite, where Nick promised to blow Phyllis' mind.

Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) entertains the audience during 'The Young & the Restless' Actor Panel on the 'Y&R' set.
CBS | Cliff Lipson

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) left her fiancé at home when she went to the Ranch to pick up Connor (Judah Mackey). She and Victor (Eric Braeden) talked about Adam's situation. Victor urged Chelsea to be there for his son, and they both discussed the importance of him moving forward instead of trying to unlock his memories.

Adam showed up at Sharon's (Sharon Case), and Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) opened the door. Sharon asked her boyfriend to let Adam in, so Rey did even though he wasn't happy about it, and he warned Adam not to stay too long. After Rey left, Sharon apologized for Nick's behavior the day before, and she explained that she knew Adam needed support. They talked about Sharon's cancer, and then about Adam's suppressed memories. Sharon eventually agreed to help Adam access the information he'd hidden from himself, but only if he is upfront with Chelsea about the whole thing. When Adam got home, he told Chelsea, and she was not thrilled to hear that Adam planned to work with Sharon. She urged him not to make the mistake of looking back.

Nick and Rey met at Crimson Lights, and they both expressed their dislike of the situation with Sharon and Adam. Nick warned Rey that Sharon had a big heart and would try to help her ex-husband. Later, when Rey arrived back at Sharon's, she told him that she planned to help her ex.

Finally, at Newman Enterprises, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) met with Jack (Peter Bergman). She ran a plan by Jack, and he was blown away by Victoria's idea, so he accepted. Victoria was happy, and she planned to announce their new venture in a big way.