Swedish Hockey Fans Heckle with Dildos, Giant Inflatable Dong

Swedish sports fans caused delays this week when they threw dildos and brandished an oversized inflatable penis at an ice hockey match. Their target? Jan Huokko, former player in Stolkhom’s AIK team and current Leksand man: it turns out that AIK team supporters had planned the distraction based on Huokko’s past sex scandal.

Earlier this year, 34-year-old Huokko recorded a sexy video with his girlfriend on his cell phone, which was later leaked onto the internet. In order to distract him, AIK fans went all out: before the match got going, they hurled an array of dildos onto the ice (causing a delay as they were cleared), also waving a banner reading “”Bend over [b*tch]!” alongside an impressive inflatable member.

The best part? Lars G. Karlsson, a Swedish ice hockey association official, said that “People barely noticed it.”

Thanks for the tip from Mike Payne, Co-Founder of GearCrave/StyleCrave.