‘Soul Sacrifice’ Demo Lets You Carry Progress Over Into Full Game

Soul Sacrifice has come up with an interesting way of getting people to play the demo. Any progress made in the demo will actually carry over into the full game, should the player buy it.

The demo of the game was released onto the Playstation Network earlier this week. It turns out that the first chapter of the full game is the official demo.

If being able to get a real good look at the title, as well as being able to carry over your accomplishments wasn’t enough of a reason to give this a go, there are apparently specific achievements that will be unlocked should you “complete” the demo levels.

The Soul Sacrifice demo will reward you with the Spirits’ Heart item should you transfer your demo progress over to your Vita full game.

Different video games are always going to offer different amounts of the actual game play when they put out their demo.

In sports games you tend to get to play a shortened version of one game between two teams that are pre-chosen. Adventure games are different because it becomes much harder to determine how much of the game is needed in the demo to really show it off.

This game’s developer apparently decided that they needed to put quite a bit into the exhibition to show the game off right.

One of the designers of the game, Keiji Inafune said that the team knew that cutting out a slice and saying “isn’t this fun” wasn’t going to cut it when it came to selling the title.

This demo allows for single-player and multiplayer both through ad-hoc and online services. That feature is available for a limited time.

When the full game is released on the Playstation Network on April 30, the multiplayer function will be taken out of the demo.

Are you going to check out the Soul Sacrifice demo?