Lu Lingzi Dead: Chinese Graduate Student Identified As Third Boston Marathon Bombing Fatality

Lu Lingzi, a Chinese graduate student at Boston University, has been identified as the third victim of Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing.

Reports had trickled out Tuesday night that the victim attended Boston University, but officials at the school did not release a name. The Sheyang Evening Newslater reported that Lu Lingzi was the third victim, with her father confirming the death.

Lu Lingzi was watching with two friends at the finish line when the explosions occurred. Her friend, Boston University graduate student Zhou Danling, was also seriously injured in the blast while a third friend was unharmed.

The explosions took place just before 3 pm on Monday, with two bombs exploding within 100 yards of each other near the race’s finish line, leaving three people dead and more than 170 injured. The bombs were created using pressure cookers and packed with shrapnel including ball bearings, police said.

The blasts shattered glass and tore through limbs, leaving a scene of confusion as police and bystanders raced to move out the injured.

On Tuesday, the first victim of the bombing was identified as 8-year-old Martin Richard, who was watching the race with his family and had just returned from getting ice cream when the blast took place.

The second victim was identified as 29-year-old Krystle M. Campbell from Medford, Massachusetts.

William A. Campbell, the woman’s father, told Yahoo News he was devastated after learning about his daughter’s death.

“My daughter was the most lovable girl,” Campbell said. “She helped everybody and I’m just so shocked right now. We’re just devastated. She was a wonderful, wonderful girl. Always willing to lend a hand.”

Lu Lingzi was a native of Shenyang, China, and studied international trade at the Beijing Institute of Technology. She was pursuing a graduate degree in mathematics and statistics from BU and was seen as a bright student with a promising future.