Tarsha Whitmore Flaunts Curvy Body In A Blue Bikini: 'It's Been Fun Having A Little Bit Of Extra Weight On Me'

On Monday, Australian bombshell Tarsha Whitmore displayed her curvaceous body in a revealing string bikini, taking to Instagram to share a sizzling new photo of herself chilling at the beach. The snap was taken at Queensland's Gold Coast, as indicated by the geotag, and showed the hottie posing on the sand with her hip cocked. She was standing with one leg in front of the other, flaunting her strong thighs, and coquettishly raised one hand to her temple. Her other hand grasped her wet hair, pulling her locks to the side with a graceful gesture. Her sleek tresses formed a curve that mirrored the swell of her hip, calling further attention to her voluptuous figure.

The 20-year-old model looked smoking hot in a tie-dye bikini from local brand White Fox, which Tarsha made sure to tag both in the photo itself and in the caption. The two-piece was a halter-neck style featuring small triangular cups that were spaced wide apart, exposing her cleavage. The ruched top was strung on a tiny string going across the chest line and tied behind her neck with a set of thin, spaghetti straps.

The sexy look was complete with insanely high-cut bottoms that only covered what was necessary, tying on both hips with large, loopy bows draping down her curves. The bottoms had narrow sides that came up above Tarsha's hips, highlighting her waist. Meanwhile, the scooped waistline fell far past her bellybutton, showcasing her flat stomach and navel piercing.

The swimsuit was a sky-blue color adorned with a subtle lilac-and-pink print. Tarsha recently modeled a similar look in a beachside snap shared on August 7, wherein she smoldered in an underwire bikini top and skimpy ruched bottoms from the same brand. On both occasions, the sizzling blonde was standing with her back to the frothy waves crashing against the shoreline. The bright, blue sky and wet sand made the perfect backdrop for her beauty, giving prominence to the pastel palette off her swimwear.

The picture cut off at the knee, ensuring that all eyes were glued to her hourglass curves. Sunlight hit her toned figure from the front, accentuating her glowing tan while also illuminating her face. Tarsha was squinting under the glare of the sun, turning her head to the side as she slightly parted her pouty lips in a sultry expression. She cast a seductive silhouette on the beach, further emphasizing her bountiful assets.

Tarsha talked about her bodacious physique in the caption. Although she has enjoyed rocking a fuller figure lately, she's planning on slimming down a bit in the immediate future before undertaking a trip in September, she told fans. Followers didn't seem to resonate with the description of her look, pointing out that she didn't need to shed any pounds.

"You look amazing with or without the bit of extra weight, so not fair!!! Your [sic] literally perfect," opined one person.

"I mean I love Ur body but calling it 'extra weight' when Ur that skinny? It doesn't sound the greatest especially to someone like me who is a size 16 and up," chimed in a second Instagrammer.

"This isn't lean??" commented a third follower.

Tarsha took to the comments section to explain her choice of wording, penning a lengthy message that detailed her views on her physique and personal fitness goals.

"By a little bit of extra weight I mean 4 kgs since March which really isn't that much BUT I do want to lower my body fat % so I can see more definition overall!" she wrote. "My goal is not to be skinny otherwise I would've wasted all that time lifting weights and eating in a surplus for nothing."

"Remember everyone's body goals is [sic] different! My physique is no where [sic] near how I'd ideally like to look in a perfect world but that's the reason why I work hard every day."
The model also invited followers to guess the destination of her upcoming trip, leaving her audience speculating that she might be going to either Bali or Bora Bora.

The update immediately caught the eye of her admirers, racking up more than 3,400 likes in the first 12 minute it was live. Within two hours, the post amassed close to 13,200 likes and 181 comments.