Michie Peachie Stuns In Black Leather Outfit That Flaunts Her Curves For New Full Body Sculpt Workout

Fitness model Michie Peachie posted her latest workout video to popular social media site Instagram on Sunday, August 16, in which she trained her entire body in an outdoor setting.

For the workout, Michie wore an all-black leather outfit that consisted of a sports bra and leggings. The top featured a strip of mesh fabric across one shoulder and three spaghetti straps across the other. The material hugged the fitness trainer's chest and left plenty of skin along her upper body on display, including her toned arms and flat tummy. The leggings rose high on Michie's hips and extended to her ankles. They contoured to her sculpted backside and curvy legs, showing off her muscular lower half.

Michie chose a pair of white-and-black sneakers with green embellishments for footwear. She wore her long, brunette tresses in a half updo that trailed down her back.

The routine took place in a parking lot located between two buildings. Michie used a pair of black dumbbells for equipment and completed a total of three exercises. In the caption of the post, she instructed her followers to perform five reps of each exercise and repeat the circuit until failure, or until they can't push themselves further. She added that the workout was designed to sculpt the entire body.

To start off the circuit, Michie performed a set of curtsy walking lunges. The difference between a normal walking lunge and the curtsy version is that trainees must cross their legs to the sides as they walk. Michie held a dumbbell in each hand at her thighs as she moved through the lunges. She followed up with elevated planks with renegade rows, which was carried out from the ground. Michie placed her feet on a block and supported her weight on her arms with a dumbbell in each hand. She then pulled one arm up toward her rib cage, alternating sides.

The final move in the routine was the walking lunge with combo lateral and front raises. As she completed the lunges, Michie raised her arms out to the side and then out in front, continuing to switch sides with each step forward.

The post earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments from fans within the first few hours of appearing on the photo-sharing site.

"Luv your videos!!!" one Instagram user wrote in the comments section.

"Giirl you just keep killing it," another follower commented.

"Keep it up and never stop," one more fan encouraged.