'Big Brother: All-Stars' Fans Blast Memphis Garrett For Talking Down To His HOH Nominees

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother: All-Stars' Week 2 Head of Household nominations.

Big Brother fans are not happy with Memphis Garrett's condescending attitude during his reign as Head of Household. The all-star player had Twitter buzzing after he named his two nominees in the second week of the CBS reality competition. The drama played out in full Sunday night.

Memphis was the runner-up on Big Brother 10 in 2008 and was part of one of the game's greatest alliances of all time, The Renegades, alongside the show's ultimate winner, Dan Gheesling. But amazingly, the BB10 runner-up never won an HOH competition until Big Brother: All-Stars. On Sunday, some felt the Big Brother veteran's long-overdue win went directly to his head.

Memphis named two Season 21 players for the chopping block: Nicole Anthony and David Alexander. His reason for choosing Nicole was that she ignored his warning to play in the Safety Suite competition.

As for David, he made it clear that he does not consider him to be an All-Star player.

"David, you're at the grown-ups' table now, and buddy, you're gonna have to prove yourself," he told the BB21 alum, per Too Fab.

David Alexander on CBS' 'Big Brother: All-Stars.

On Twitter, viewers blasted Memphis for talking down to his nominees in such a condescending manner. Some accused him of racist behavior by targeting David, the only Black male in the Big Brother house.

"Telling David he's sitting at the grown-ups table in his nom speech and I swear I expected him to end that sentence with 'BOY.' Memphis speaks in racist and sexist overtones. Not okay," wrote one viewer.

"I've never seen Memphis play before, it only took me 5 episodes to despise that f*cking guy, what a grub! Why does he think he can talk down to David the way he does? Unbelievable!" another wrote.

"Memphis had never even won HOH before this... just because David was first out last season doesn't give Memphis the right to talk down on him," a third fan added.

Other fans noted that David was extremely upset on the live feeds and said he now has to fight to stay in the house and get revenge against his nemesis. Others felt that it is unfair to insinuate that Memphis is racist as he did not say anything racially insensitive during his nominations speech.

Memphis had been targeting David all week. Earlier, he chose him to be a Have-Not, a weeklong punishment that means cold showers, an uncomfortable bedroom, and a diet of "slop." The reigning HOH said he wanted to see David "break down."