Laura Amy Puts On A Busty Show In Bold Red Sportswear

Australian fitness and lingerie model Laura Amy kicked off the week with a flirty bedroom snap that was all about gorgeous curves and sexy sportswear. The 28-year-old took to Instagram early in the morning to showcase a two-piece workout set that displayed her cleavage and tight abs, sharing a half-body pic that spotlighted her busty assets and hourglass frame.

The gorgeous brunette rocked a fiery-red sports bra that provided excellent definition for her buxom body. The item had a wide waistband in a bright, white color that accentuated her fit figure, cutting off below the ribcage and putting her sculpted midriff on show for her audience to admire. A white trim also adorned the thick shoulder straps and low-cut, scooped neckline, calling attention to her cleavage. The skimpy top was deep-cut on the sides as well, teasing more of her ample chest.

On her lower half, Laura wore matching sweatpants that hugged her hips and thighs. The garment was decorated with white stripes going along the sides, which also matched the drawstring draping over her tummy. The sweats had a high waistband that rose just below her navel, emphasizing her trim physique.

The outfit was from local brand Ryderwear, which specializes in gym and workout clothes. The brand name decorated the front of the top, further drawing the eye to Laura's chest. The model has collaborated with the label in the past, often showcasing their trendy designs on her page. As usual, she made sure to tag the online retailer both in the photo and caption, adding a "#teamryderwear" hashtag.

Laura posed on the floor for the attention-grabbing pic. Snapped in the narrow space between her bed and TV stand, she appeared to be on her knees, sitting with her legs spread. She stretched one arm out on the mattress and arched her back, seemingly sticking out her chest for the camera. The posture allowed her inner arm tattoo to be seen, in addition to showing off the elaborate ink on her other forearm.

The model coquettishly tilted her head to the side, fixing the lens with an intense, alluring gaze. Her plump lips were softly pursed in a sultry expression, and her followers couldn't get enough of the tantalizing update. The post received over 7,670 likes within seven hours, as well as 220 comments from her eager fans.

"What a sight to wake up to," wrote one person, adding a heart-eyes emoji.

"Such an amazing beauty!!!" read another comment, trailed by three hearts. "In love!!!!"

Fellow models showed their appreciation for the look in gushing messages complimenting Laura's ensemble.

"Red on you," penned Aussie bombshell Abby Dowse, who added a heart-eyes emoji.

"Perfection," chimed in Russian smokeshow Dasha Mart.

The update came just two days after Laura showed off her toned body in a pink sports bra and shorts ensemble that flaunted her chiseled pins. That post has been liked more than 11,900 times since it was shared and can be viewed here.