Niece Waidhofer Flaunts Her Bombshell Body In BDSM Gear & A 'Kink Leash'

Yet again, Niece Waidhofer has taken Instagram by storm with a racy snapshot that flaunted her phenomenal curves and trim figure. The social media vixen wore a provocative outfit that barely contained her voluptuous bust and famous booty. She credited her attire to the luxury lingerie brand Honey Birdette.

Niece posed for the pic by standing in profile with one leg extended in front of the other while she ran her fingers through her tousled, raven mane. With her opposing hand folded across her middle, Niece looked like a total bombshell.

Her outrageous outfit consisted of a low-cut black bustier, and her breasts threatened to tumble out of the snug confines. With massive cleavage on display, the stunner oozed sex appeal that made her 1.9 million followers go crazy in the comments section.

On her lower half, Niece sported a strappy, leather thong and a garter belt. The multiple straps were characterized with rose gold accents and buckles, making for a complicated-looking setup.

Aside from her skimpy attire, she wore several accessories, including black, leather cufflinks and a choker collar connected to a "kink leash," per her caption. Her belt was attached to thigh garters.

It looked like Niece might have edited out the background of her photo as it was entirely white, making her figure stand out.

As is customary of most posts shared by Niece, she included a humorous anecdote in her caption. The model shared an exchange similar to something that happened to her on Twitter in the past.

In the dialogue, the guy she was talking to tried to flirt by asking her what she was wearing, and Niece told him about her sexy gear. Possibly intimidated or freaked out, he ghosted her and eventually blocked her.

In the comments, many people said they could not believe anyone would ever ghost Niece, but she confirmed that the short script was based on a real encounter.

"Aww thank you! this caption's exchange is of course anecdotal, but I can assure you I have been ghosted so many times I may as well be accepting applications for haunted house actors instead of dating. I am obnoxious when drunk lol," she replied to one fan who doubted her story.

"U look nice are u getting ready for church?" joked one fan.

"Maybe I'm in the wrong league for catching a beauty but a DM from Niece sounds freaking awesome," gushed another.