Demi Moore's Daughter, Scout Willis, Wows In Pink Bikini & Hangs With Her Sisters: 'River Rat Aesthetic'

Scout Willis and her two sisters recently enjoyed some family time together, and it included plenty of fresh air. On Sunday, the 29-year-old daughter of Hollywood icons Demi Moore and Bruce Willis took to Instagram to share a pair of pictures that were snapped during the siblings' relaxing river excursion.

In her first photo, Scout was pictured standing on a riverbank, which was covered with smooth rocks. She sported a light pink bikini that brought out the warm tones in her pale skin. The garment was constructed out of a thick crinkle stretch fabric that gave it a soft, textured appearance. It included an adjustable triangle top. Scout wore the cups pushed in so that she was baring a hint of sideboob.

Scout's matching bottoms had extremely high-cut sides that arched up so that they were even with her navel. The cut made her shapely legs look extra long. The front of the garment scooped down to bare her bellybutton and show off her flat, toned stomach. She revealed that she got her bathing suit from Boho Rose by tagging the Instagram account for the online boutique.

Scout also wore a coordinating pink patterned kerchief secured over her hair. Her long, dark locks were pushed back behind her shoulders. She finished her look with a short pearl necklace and a small pair of dangle earrings.

Scout posed at an angle with her left knee popped forward and her heel raised up. She gazed into the camera as a small smile played on her lips. Behind her, tall pine trees covered the opposite bank. There was a pile of large tree trunks and branches near the other side, and one of her sisters, Tallulah, 26, was drifting by it on a blue float.

Tallulah has shared a few bikini photos of her own in recent weeks, and Scout's second photo provided a closer look at the upper half of her sister's latest look. It was a purple-and-pink striped top with short sleeves and a fun tie detail. She also sported a yellow scarf over her hair, and she completed her look with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses. She stood in waist deep water and smiled up at the camera.

Scout included her own face in the shot by holding the camera up in front of her. She also captured her oldest sister, Rumer, 32. The Dancing with the Stars champion stood on a massive log with her arms raised up in the air. She wore a pastel purple bikini and a straw sunhat.

Scout joked about the sisters' "river rat aesthetic" in the caption of her post, but her followers used words like "gorgeous," "beautiful," and "sexy" to describe her pictures. In response to one commenter's question, she revealed that the photos were snapped at Big Wood River in Hailey, Idaho.