MMA Fighter Paige VanZant Slays In A Leopard-Print Bikini As She Does A Back Flip

Paige VanZant wowed her fans by using a pool to demonstrate her incredible athleticism. The MMA fighter also put her fantastic figure on display by rocking an eye-catching bikini.

On Sunday, Paige, 26, took to Instagram to share a new video with her 2.7 million followers. In her caption, she revealed that it was shot in Florida. She was dressed to beat the heat, and an overwhelming majority of her followers seemed to agree that she looked smoking hot in her leopard-print swimsuit. The two-piece included a bralette top with wide sides and spaghetti straps. Her bottoms boasted a waistline that hit at the navel and sides that curved up high to elongate her muscular legs. The cut also teased a peek at her pert posterior. Paige's blond hair was secured in a tight topknot.

The former Dancing with the Stars competitor was filmed from the side, which revealed how flat her muscular midsection is. She was standing on the edge of a small pool with her heels hanging off the side. Her knees were bent and her arms were extended behind her.

Paige gathered momentum by swinging her arms around so that they were over her head. At the same time, she jumped up and arched her back. She got enough height that she had time to tuck her knees in by bringing them up to her chest. The athlete wrapped her hands around her shins and completed her back flip, hitting the water feet first.

While her bathing suit print was inspired by the fur of a big cat, Paige compared herself to a "leapin" lizard in the caption of her post.

The background of Paige's video included a large number of palm trees, a brilliant blue sky, and some fluffy white clouds. The footage was slowed down significantly until the moment she splashed down, so fans had plenty of time to admire her form and her incredible physique. Many of her Instagram followers were also impressed with the amount of height she got, and she was rewarded with a perfect "10" from a large number of admirers.

"Defying gravity for a bit," read one response to her post.

"Great turning speed," another person wrote in the comments section.

"Pretty girls can be warriors too," a third remark read.

"Well, that's the most beautiful thing I've seen today," wrote a fourth admirer.

Since it was initially uploaded, Paige's video has amassed more than 48,000 likes and 200 comments.

The flyweight received a similar amount of love in response to another recent clip that showed her performing a different stunt in a pool. As reported by The Inquisitr, she wore a pink thong bikini and did the splits in the air.