Donald Trump Ripped For Reposting Tweet That Appears To Mock Joe Biden's Stutter

On Sunday, Donald Trump retweeted a message that mocked former Vice President Joe Biden's way of speaking, and users on social media ripped the president for his own verbal errors.

The video -- seen on Twitter here -- which at times appears to mock Biden's stutter, showed a group of co-workers speaking to a Biden impersonator who repeatedly makes odd or seemingly offensive statements to benign questions. The film is captioned "what if people talked like Joe Biden" and cautions individuals "don't be like Joe."

While the video was originally posted earlier this year in May by Benny Johnson, Trump retweeted the message without comment on Sunday afternoon.

However, critics have pointed out that in the past, Trump has also made verbal errors while giving speeches, including instances where he has mispronounced Yosemite Park and Thailand.

Social media followers took the opportunity to remind the president of his own gaffes and slips.

"you mean like 'Covfefe', 'God bless the united staysh,' 'oranges' (instead of origins), and so on and on and on?" wrote one person.

"Cool - now do Thailand, Minneapolis, Yosemite, anonymous, and talking without saying 'the likes of which no one has seen' in every other sentence," added another user.

Others took issue with the way the video appeared to mock Biden's stutter.

"You people really are deplorable. You're not just insulting Biden with this, you're insulting every person who has struggled to overcome a stutter. Shameful," said one commenter.

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks about the coronavirus outbreak, at the Hotel Du Pont March 12, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. Health officials say 11,000 people have been tested for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the U.S.
Getty Images | Drew Angerer

Biden has openly shared how difficult stuttering was on him as a child, particularly when he was forced to read out loud in school, and has said that it still impacts him as an adult. As The Atlantic reported earlier this year, Biden has since worked to help other people who struggle with the same issue to overcome their own challenges.

Some users felt that Trump should be focused on other topics given the current coronavirus pandemic, ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, and potential problems with the upcoming election -- including Russian interference and issues with the Post Office.

The tweet comes just hours after Biden offered Trump condolences after his younger brother, Robert Trump, died at the age of 71 after a brief stay in the hospital, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Biden wrote on Twitter that he understands the challenge of losing a loved one and offered prayers for him and his family.

Kamala Harris offered her own condolences to the Trump family in the wake of Robert's passing.