Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Allegedly Identified

Tara Dodrill

2:35 pm UPDATE:Fox News is now reporting that three federal agents told the news agency that an arrest has not yet been made in the Boston Marathon bombings case. Contradicting reports still indicate that an arrest will be made in the next couple of hours.

2:00 pm UPDATE: A Boston Marathon suspect has been arrested, according to CNN.

A suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings has allegedly been identified. An arrest is supposedly "imminent" according to a report from a local Fox News affiliate. A previously scheduled press conference on the acts of terror which took three lives and severely wounded about 180 others has been delayed. Members of Congress were reportedly told that videos from the marathon offered viable leads about the case.

An image reportedly shows the suspected carrying and possibly dropping a black bag. Law enforcement officers are "very close" in the investigation into who caused the two explosions during the Boston Marathon. The images may have come from a Lord & Taylor surveillance camera, which had a clear view of the area.

Dot Joyce, a representative for Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, said the Lord & Taylor surveillance camera has offered the best source of video so far in the investigation. Joyce also stated, "All I know is that they are making progress."

A circuit board which may have been used to detonate the Boston Marathon bombs have been recovered. FBI agents are still reportedly in the process of analyzing and scanning the cell phone tower records to identify calls which may have initiated both marathon bombs.

A press conference which is expected to offer updates about the alleged Boston Marathon suspect is tentatively scheduled for 5 pm.

More information about the alleged Boston Marathon suspect will be posted as more details become available.

[Image Via: Twitter]