Donald Trump Slams Fox News As 'Not Watchable' The Day After His Brother Robert Died

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on Fox News and its Sunday afternoon lineup and provided his followers with an alternative suggestion -- One America News Network (OANN). His tweets came shortly after he announced that his younger brother Robert Trump passed away at age 71, and some Twitter users felt shocked at the president's decisions to air his grievances against the cable channel so soon after facing such a loss.

".@FoxNews is not watchable during weekend afternoons. It is worse than Fake News @CNN. I strongly suggest turning your dial to @OANN. They do a really 'Fair & Balanced' job!" Trump tweeted.

The Sunday afternoon jab received a lot of attention on the popular social media platform. More than 93,000 Twitter users hit the "like" button, while over 29,000 replied and at least 28,000 decided to retweet the president's words. Many accounts expressed some surprise at Trump's focus so soon after losing Robert. Some pointedly asked if he'd experienced anything major in his family lately while others wondered if this was a method of expressing grief.

"Trump is manifesting a unique grief reaction. I would have thought you'd be grieving, but here you are tweeting crap," replied counselor and author Jeffrey Guterman.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the briefing room of the White House on August 14, 2020 in Washington, DC. Later in the day, President Trump is expected to visit his younger brother Robert Trump who is hospitalized in New York. He will also deliver remarks to the City of New York Police Benevolent Association this evening in Bedminster, New Jersey.
Getty Images | Alex Wong

Others accused tthe president of failing to have empathy or care about anybody other than himself.

"After playing golf the day your brother died in the hospital, you spend the next day watching cable news and complaining about the shows on TV on Twitter. Trump has no empathy for anyone but himself," Dr. Eugene Gu replied.

A few Twitter users mentioned that it is possible that the whole world, including Fox, had turned against him as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Some of those suggested that he spend his time focusing on the issues surrounding COVID-19 instead of worrying about what is happening on television. Some who commented also called out OANN as an inferior network for watching the day's happenings.

"OANN is for folks who like watching the news without being distracted by pesky facts or reality," declared one Twitter account.

The president's critics also called him out for flip-flopping on the typically conservative station that has often reported about Trump in a positive manner. At least one user wondered if he'd been viewing a Chris Wallace segment when the anchor called out Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes over the birtherism claims about Kamala Harris.

A few supporters who left a comment expressed their condolences to Trump and his family on the loss of Robert. A few others agreed with the president about the Sunday afternoon lineup on the cable network.