Bri Teresi Gets Cheeky In Wet, Steamy Shower Snapshot

Just a handful of days after model and social media star Bri Teresi posted an update in which she displayed her toned, tempting assets while taking a shower, the 25-year-old returned to the same, steamy backdrop for her most recent Instagram post. The multi-pic slideshow, which was uploaded to her feed on Sunday, August 15, differed from the aforementioned spread, however, as Teresi was snapped from behind the glass the second time around. Regardless, the more recent offering managed to be just as stimulating as the original.

In the accompanying caption, Teresi credited Dreamstate Photos for the shot -- the same outfit responsible for the earlier pictorial. Once again, the studio's photographer created a suitably sizzling visual canvas upon which Teresi was allowed to let her stunning, seductive features shine. If the plethora of positive replies in the post's comment thread were any indication, it's a pairing that worked well for the Guess girl and Maxim alum.

"What a bottom," opined one fan of Teresi's taut derrière.

"Perfect girl," added another admirer.

In reference to her caption, which asked if anyone wanted to spend their Sunday with her, a third fan answered "I wish I could spend every day with you."

In the first photo, Teresi's body appeared in silhouette form as its sinuous features were rendered dark by a bright light source behind her. Nevertheless, the sharply-curved contours of her tight behind were perfectly visible as she pressed it against the moistened glass door of the shower. All the while, she posed provocatively with her left leg bent at the knee and elevated slightly. Her back was arched to better accentuate her figure and reached one hand forward while the other grasped a handful of her wet, blond locks on the far side.

As she did so, she peered back into the camera's lens with a seductive expression on her face.

In the second photo, Teresi was captured in greater detail from a rear-view angle as she firmly pressed both of her cheeky assets -- which were covered by nothing but a stringy thong -- against the glass. Through the condensation, she could be seen stretching upward, emphasizing her lengthy legs and arms in the process. Meanwhile, she twisted somewhat to one side, which allowed for a sneak peek at the left side of her bust as it was supported by her tight, white top.

Teresi's post was a hit with her fans and followers, accruing a couple thousand likes in a short amount of time after being uploaded.

As shared by The Inquisitr on August 14, she similarly stunned by posing in a tight crop top and netted pants that showed off plenty of skin.