Nata Lee Sedutively Tugs On Black Garters, Flaunts Bare Booty In A Full-Length Mirror

Nata Lee took to Instagram on Sunday morning with a sizzling update that wowed her 5.4 million followers. The sexy snap showed the stunning model dressed in barely-there black lingerie and using a mirror to give a full view. It racked up nearly 100,000 likes in less than an hour after it was uploaded.

Nata Lee wore a sheer dotted Swiss bustier that let the golden hue of her skin peek through, leaving little to the imagination. It featured triangular cups that held the alluring weight of her breasts, attached to spaghetti straps that tied in bows on the tops of both shoulders. A wide, ruffled hem extended from her waist just over the tops of her shapely hips, leaving plenty of bare skin on display.

The feminine lingerie was accented with decorative faux garters that gave the ensemble a racy vibe. Wide elastic bands with chunky, vintage-looking hardware wrapped tightly around her thighs, just below her rear end. They were attached to adjustable straps on either side of her body that linked to a series of matching bands around the slimmest part of her waist. She finished off the outfit with a pair of black patent stilettos that had ankle cuffs studded with what appeared to be tiny rhinestones. She also used bright red polish on her toes.

Nata Lee threw her shoulders back so her honey-colored tresses, which were parted off-center, spilled halfway down her back in layered waves. She extended both arms behind her body, gently tugging on the material encircling her legs in a teasing manner.

She also arched her back to accentuate the curves of her derriere. Natural light from the open window next to her bounced off her cheeks, further illuminating their pert, rounded shape.

To complete the pose, she lifted her chin to the ceiling and closed her eyes with a seductive expression on her face.

Nata Lee stood in front of an ornately-designed full-length mirror on a set of metal casters that allowed it to be moved around the space. It matched the rest of the white room, allowing the model's black lingerie and bronze tan to be the sole focus of the image.

The mirror reflected her figure, and also displayed the floor-to-ceiling window behind her. The sheer, flowing drapes framed either side of her body in the glass, and the light highlighted the subtle nuances of her voluptuous physique.

A plush couch beneath a set of built-in shelves containing monochromatic dishes, candles, and framed photographs was visible in the background.