Holly Sonders Searches For Her 'Mate' In Tight Beige Bodysuit

TV host, model and fitness maven Holly Sonders reignited her popular Instagram feed on Sunday, August 16, with an update that perfectly exhibited her sumptuous, athletic frame and distinctly leggy lower body. In the post, the 33-year-old Fox Sports and Golf Channel alum wore a formfitting beige bodysuit that pleasingly emphasized her alluring shape while she sat on the floor of a walk-in closet with her taut gams splayed.

The caption that accompanied the photo referenced how difficult it can be to find a "mate." In this instance, Sonders was actually referring to a matching shoe, as a colorful cornucopia of heels, sandals, boots and other pieces of footwear were strewn about the floor in front of and around her.

Nevertheless, some of her fans jumped at the chance to offer their services in the comment thread, while others simply gushed at another healthy serving of eye candy.

"I'm sure you can find a mate but does he have to play golf?" stated one admirer, in reference to the sport Sonders formerly played competitively.

"Legs longer than the pandemic," joked a fan of Sonders' stems.

"Pick me," ordered a third commenter, who further stated "I'll mate."

"Love this pic," added a fourth commenter.

In the snapshot, Sonders was photographed from above, which allowed for the entire length of her toned, yet shapely frame to be documented. As the picture was snapped, she peered up and focused her big brown eyes directly at the lens. All the while, her scintillating brunette locks flowed out from a center part and draped over her shoulders, arms and bust. In spite of the covering, an ample showing of cleavage was visible.

The multitude of shoes surrounding her made for a visually intense scene. And while she lamented the search for a shoe's match in the caption, Sonders appeared to have already found her winning combination, as both feet were adorned with pink platform heels.

Despite the mess that surrounded her and the relatively low light for the indoor shot, her seemingly flawless, modestly bronzed skin nonetheless managed to stand out in the snap.

Sonders' latest offering was making an impact with a sizable portion of her nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram, earning thousands of double-taps in under an hour. Furthermore, the comments section was littered with replies similar to the aforementioned messages.

As reported by The Inquisitr last week, Sonders also brought the heat with a post in which she wore a tiny two-piece swimsuit while handling a coconut.