Sabrina Carpenter Rocks Green Bikini Top & White Skirt For Magical Photo, But Fans Get Distracted By Her Feet

Some of Sabrina's fans thought that she looked like a pixie.

Sabrina Carpenter attends the Premiere Of Netflix's "Tall Girl" at Netflix Home Theater
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Some of Sabrina's fans thought that she looked like a pixie.

Sabrina Carpenter dazzled many of her 21.7 million Instagram followers with a whimsical photo that was shot in a wooded area, but some of her fans also couldn’t help but notice the appearance of her feet.

The 21-year-old former Disney Channel star uploaded the image to her account on Saturday. She was photographed balancing on a large rock near the edge of a shallow stream. Where she stood, tall trees provided plenty of shade from the scintillating sunlight that was beaming down on an area behind her. Fallen brown leaves blanketed the ground and the surface of the water. A short distance away, dense green foliage brightened up the background of her photo. Rocks of varying sizes were scattered around the creek, and a large palm plant with fan-shaped leaves grew on the opposite bank.

Sabrina wore a green string bikini top with adjustable triangle cups. She paired it with a flared white miniskirt. The flirty garment had a high waist that hit right below the navel. A wide waistband clung to her hips, while gathered pleating gave the rest of the skirt a fun frilly silhouette. The high hemline displayed a lot of leg, and Sabrina was also flaunting her trim, taut midsection.

The Girl Meets World actress wore her voluminous blond hair styled in soft waves. She was barefoot, and she posed with her left foot lifted up in the air and crossed in front of her right ankle.

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this is Quinn now feel old yet?

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In her caption, Sabrina referenced the character she plays in the recently released Netflix movie Work It. Her post has surpassed 2.3 million likes, and her followers have shared over 10,000 messages in the comments section so far. She received an avalanche of compliments, with many admirers comparing her to a pixie.

“So you’re saying this is not tinker bell?” wrote one fan.

“This is giving me extreme fairy vibes and I’m here for it,” read another remark.

However, other fans noticed that the size of her feet seemed off in comparison with the rest of her body.

“Her legs/feet look like they’re from a giant, but from the waist up she looks like a tiny fairy. I thought my eyes were playing tricks,” read one comment.

“Her feet look ginormous lol, she be dancing too much,” another person said.

Other commenters suggested that the picture’s perspective was to blame for her body’s out-of-proportion appearance. The camera was aimed up at Sabrina from the ground, which possibly made the lower half of her body look longer and larger. Others guessed that the photo was altered or that a certain type of camera lens was used.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sabrina also showed off her incredible figure in a mismatched bikini with a bandeau top. She joked that it was what she wore to do her taxes.