Tammy Hembrow Shows Off Toned Bod In Tight Mini Dress

Tammy Hembrow took to her Instagram feed today to share a hot new photo series of herself in a tight mini dress. The white ensemble clung to her curves and flattered her curvy figure.

In the first pic, Tammy posed with her back angled toward the camera. She glanced over her right shoulder and wore a sultry pout. The dress had a low back that featured thin crisscrossed straps, and also had ruched accents on the bottom that called attention to her round booty. There was more of the same ruched detail along her hips, and long ties fell from the lace-up back over her derrière.

Tammy wore the front of her hair in two pigtails and left the rest down and brushed behind her shoulders. She held a small bag in her right hand and her facial piercing glittered in the light.

She appeared to be posing in front of a white garage with a vehicle beside her, and there was a small black sidelight that was on even though it was daytime. The location of the pictures suggested it could have been an impromptu shoot, and Tammy did a great job of showing her playful personality. The photo was taken on a sunny day, and the bright sunlight left her back and her hair glowing.

In the second snap, Tammy showed off the front of her dress. It had halter-style straps and a straight neckline. This angle revealed that she appeared to go braless under her skimpy ensemble. She gazed directly at the camera with another flirty smile.

She tagged a PR person, @iamgia, in the post. She also revealed that the bag she held was from Jacquemus.


The update has received over 215,400 likes so far, with her fans packing the comments section with their many compliments.

“OMG I CANNNTT,” raved an admirer.

“Omg so obsessed!!!” exclaimed a second social media user.

“GOOOOOSH you are unreal,” gushed a third supporter.

“Woahhh get ittttt,” wrote another follower.

Tammy also captivated her fans a couple of days ago with another ensemble. That time, she sported a spandex top and bottoms that looked like booty shorts. Her top had long sleeves and a low v-neckline that left her cleavage very much on show. She struck a couple of similar poses on a light pink couch and exuded flirty vibes. She wore her hair up in a slick bun and accessorized with small charm earrings.