New Cheese Spread Ad Pokes Fun At Women’s Diet Ads

Adland Gal Commercial

Kerry LowLow, a cheese spread company, has created a new ad that pokes fun at the cliched women we often see prancing around in diet commercials. The ad is titled “Adland Gal,” and it was uploaded to YouTube on April 3.

Since being released, the Adland Gal video has went viral with more than 461,000 pageviews.

Talking about the new ad, the company says it is attempting to set straight the stereotypes found on TV:

“What is it with food ads aimed at women? Why do they bombard us with cliches? Why do they presume that all women have a negative relationship with food?”

In the video, the company showcases three different women who are often found in diet and food commercials. The company claims, and accurately so, that low-fat food commercials often include the smug gal, the ditzy gal, and the muffin gal. We could probably add dozens of more stereotypes into the mix if we really thought about it.

According to Kerry, LowLow its main goal is to “support and encourage women everywhere to have a great relationship with food.”

The video is not just racking up views; the comments section for the video is receiving many positive comments from women who are also fed up with the cliches they witness in diet commercials.

Do you think women’s dieting cliches have gotten out of control? Should company’s no longer be afraid to sell a chocolate bar to female viewers?

Kerry LowLow is asking viewing to join them in an extended conversation on Twitter. On its Facebook page, Kerry LowLow writes:

“Thanks for your feedback everyone! We are delighted you love the video! Join in the conversation on Twitter too! #adland gal”