Bethesda Releases New, Even More Incomprehensible Teaser Video

Bethesda releases sunflower teaser

Bethesda Softworks has released yet another video that is supposed to serve as a teaser for its upcoming game.

Much like the first video, this one gives very little detail or information about what the game is supposed to be. The company seems to be enjoying driving its fans crazy with teaser videos that are more puzzles than actual reveals.

If the company can be believed, then we know that this isn’t another Skyrim game. Bethesda made it clear that it was done working on Skyrim and that its employees were going to move onto a new “adventure.”

Yesterday’s video, which included music that had been used in Fallout 3 got some people thinking this was the much talked about, but as of yet unannounced Fallout 4.

The company’s head of marketing, Peter Hines took to Twitter to dissuade that notion by saying “guess again” when asked directly if that was what the teaser was hinting at.

Other guesses have included a brand new Wolfenstein but this particular video doesn’t seem to come any closer to confirming or disproving that.

The video that was released today simply shows a couple of sunflowers that suddenly catch fire and burn. There is also an unidentified man with his shirt open standing behind the flowers.

After this video went live, Hines took to Twitter again to say that “the plot thickens.” But he, just like the rest of his company is seemingly enjoying getting tongues wagging without giving out any real information.

One other theory that has been floated out there is that this might be the teaser to a new horror survival game that the studio is rumored to be working on title Zwei.

Both videos certainly have a very creepy backdrop to them and it certainly seems likely that the man in the open shirt could be someone we wouldn’t want to spend much time around.

What do you think Bethesda’s newest teaser video is hinting at?