Rachel Cook Showcases Her Insane Physique Wearing Just Sweatpants And A Backpack

Model Rachel Cook knows how to send her fans into a frenzy and she did it again with her Saturday afternoon Instagram post. She teased followers with a short video clip that quite clearly left people wanting more.

Rachel wore a large backpack with the shoulder straps pulled down over her bare breasts. She clasped a strap in each hand to hold everything in place, a necessity given that she was wearing nothing else in terms of a shirt, bra, or bikini top.

She posed on what seemed to be a mountaintop, a gorgeous mountain range behind her. She wore a blond bob wig that has popped up in a number of her Instagram uploads recently and she looked directly toward the photographer with a slight grin on her face.

The model teased that more of this setup would appear in an upcoming issue of her online magazine Nirvana, and she acknowledged that the spot where she was standing was a stunning one.

Rachel’s ensemble included a pair of simple baggy grey sweatpants on the bottom.

“I think this is the most perfect video I’ve seen in months,” one person commented.


The video clip was only a few seconds long, but it was long enough to raise everybody’s heart rates. Rachel’s rock-hard abs were on full display and the camera moved slowly as the model twisted her torso slightly to showcase her insane physique.

“What an amazing view and we’re not talking the mountain!!!” a fan praised.

“Damn Rachel, damn you you’re gorgeous,” another person declared.

This clip quickly garnered a lot of love from Rachel’s 2.8 million followers, receiving more than 285,000 views after the first three hours it was live on her Instagram page.

In addition, more than 900 people commented and almost 90,000 fans liked the sultry glimpse into Rachel’s backpacking adventure.

“Best hiking outfit ever,” someone else determined.

Making an effort to appreciate the beauty of the Earth has been a consistent theme in Rachel’s posts lately. Granted, the 25-year-old beauty almost always incorporates a sultry twist to what she uploads and her supporters would likely be disappointed and surprised if she didn’t.

Flaunting her figure in a tiny bikini or even going topless and teasing everybody with her breasts partially covered have become common sights with the uploads on Rachel’s page. This backpack twist is a unique change of pace, though, and everybody made it clear they loved what they saw.